Maintain Air Vents and Ducts​ – Port St Lucie Dryer Vent Cleaning

How To Increase your In-Home Clean Air Quality, Port Saint Lucie


Maintain Air Vents and Ducts​ – Port St Lucie Dryer Vent Cleaning

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Whether you suffer from allergies or are simply looking for ways to make your home more healthy for its occupants, air conditioning plays a key role in indoor air quality control. Living in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, we at Clean Quality Air are very aware of the dramatic seasonal high temperatures and humid weather to which Florida residents have grown accustomed. Many residents simply slip indoors during these intense temperatures without much thought as to how this habit may be affecting allergies and/or overall personal health.

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According to the NCDHHS, “Many mold and fungi grow well at temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit”. This is unfortunately within the exact temperature range we like to keep our homes. We are all aware that the primary way of keeping homes cool in the summer months is by using AC units. In Port Saint Lucie, Fl, during the summer months, most AC units rarely shut off. Even in the “winter” months, AC is a typical necessity as temperatures remain around 75-80 degrees during the day. Maintaining AC Vents and ducts are a homeowner’s first line of defense against many types of mold spores and fungus that may be found within an AC system.

Some maintenance of air vents can be completed by the homeowner for simple tasks, such as changing out filters. This is a quick process where a filter, generally located in the AC unit, needs to be swapped out for a new one. Some homes, however, also have filters found sporadically within the home in return air grills. Depending on ceiling height, these may be a bit more tricky to switch out. All filters should be replaced monthly and keeping up with this task is a vital step in the overall quality of indoor air being circulated. Ducts are a bit more complicated to clean and it is recommended that a homeowner hire a professional, reputable AC vent cleaning company such as Clean Air Quality Port Saint Lucie to complete this task. With years of experience behind us, our team at Clean Quality Air has the most competitive pricing and cleaning techniques to help you get the air quality you deserve in your Port Saint Lucie home.


Keep Humidity levels and Microbes Low

Clean Quality Air cares about the health of your family. Once air ducts and vent maintenance have been addressed, keeping humidity levels low in a home is essential to keep biotic life such as mold, viruses, bacteria, and flu down. Moisture is a requirement for much of this biotic life to grow and thrive. Many people will have their AC units on all day and open windows at night to let in some fresh air. This can be a great practice if the outdoor air quality is good the day you plan to air out. Opening windows and doors allows for indoor air pollutants, such as pet dander, candle residue, dust, and other allergens to be exchanged for fresh air. This lowers the overall concentration of air contaminants that may trigger a negative reaction. It should be noted, however, that airing the house out at night or after rainfall is not recommended as these times typically have elevated humidity levels. Moist air carries and promotes spore growth. Not only will this add to any existing mold in your home AC system, but it will increase the chances of mold growth on your filters. Keeping humidity levels low in your home decreases microbes in your home- it’s that simple.

Having a well-maintained Air duct system assists in the removal of humidity from our south Florida air. Clean ducts and vents mean there will be no debris in your system on which humidity can condense. Partnering the cleanliness of the vents with the UV lights also eliminates humidity that can lead to in-home air quality problems.

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UV Lights

Clean Quality Air can help you with your UV light needs. As a local, honest business, we use the most up to date methods to deliver the best products to our customers. UV Lights can now be fitted directly into your air conditioning unit. These lights kill organic growths such as mold and bacteria very quickly. Many AC companies fit the lights directly facing the coils where most mold, fungus, and bacteria are located. As air passes through these coils, not only is it not picking up additional allergens, but any spores in the air will also be killed. In Port Saint Lucie Florida, many residents have AC handlers in their garages. When you pair what we know about mold growth and temperature with having the unit located in a dark, moist, typically warm environment, one can put together pretty quickly that this is a recipe for disaster- especially for allergy sufferers. Most AC unit walls and coils are covered in mold, fungus, and bacteria. If left untreated, these quickly enter the home and continue to replicate. UV lights kill and control growth in any unit, but these must be installed by a professional and the light itself should be changed out every year. This is a cost of approximately $100 to the homeowner, but will greatly improve the air quality on your St. Lucie county home.

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Clean Air means Decrease in Odors

When walking into any home, one of the first major impressions to any guest is the smell of the home. Having a company such as Clean Quality Air come out to maintain and service a home’s AC vents and ducts almost entirely eliminates that stale odor most homes have. This odor is typically caused by dust, fungi, or mildew, all of which are removed during the duct cleaning process.

In most homes, homeowners burn candles to provide a welcoming scent for visitors and cover any existing scent in the home. At Clean Quality Air, our goal is air purification. Many homeowners are unaware that burning candles can actually reduce air quality by adding impurities into the air.  With us, burning candles will be a thing of the past as we provide our customers with the option of integrating 100% natural, therapeutic grade essential oils into our duct services. These oils not only add a light fresh scent to the air, but can assist with the elimination of some bacteria and are said to aid in the reduction of some ailments.

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