At Clean Quality Air we believe in maintaining a healthy environment so that people can breathe in clean air. We want to make a difference.

At Clean Quality Air, we believe in maintaining a healthy environment so our clients can breathe clean air. Air ducts are often overlooked simply because they are not visible. Can you imagine going for some time without dusting your dresser or sweeping your floor? The accumulation of dust and hair would become very visible very quickly.

When you think of it that way, it makes perfect sense why AC vent cleaning is so important to a family’s overall health. It is our drive to make a difference in the cleanliness of your air circulation system, which includes ducts and vents, typically hidden and therefore missed when cleaning.

Cleaning air ducts and ventilation systems to rid your area of dust, fungi, and mildew is maintenance that many individuals neglect. It is unbelievable how much dust and dirt accumulate on the insides of AC vents.

Without being cleaned at a very minimum once annually, your ducts become lined with dust, pet hair and dander, mildew, and other allergens. Once cleaned, most clients are amazed at how great it feels to be able to breathe freely. As an additional bonus, many lingering smells in a home tend to lessen or disappear completely once the vents have been cleaned.  

We know you care about the health of your home and those you love living in it. To best serve you, we treat every location as if it were our own by doing the best job possible and providing you with the services you need. Not only do we inspect AC ducts, but we are also able to inspect your dryer vent as well, potentially saving you from increased electric bills or fires.

The families we serve notice how easier it is to breathe after their ducts have been cleaned in comparison to their previous experiences when the air was “heavier.” Those with allergies typically see a drastic improvement in their breathing. 

Our motivation is your health and better quality of life! Let us help your family enjoy being at home, minus the allergens!

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