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Factors That Reduce In-Home Air Quality

Your family spends countless hours breathing in the air inside your house every day and every night. Did you know that the EPA estimates that the air inside our homes can be up to 70 times more polluted than the air outside our homes, even in highly modernized areas? This is quite a shocking statistic and one that should not be taken lightly or ignored as it directly affects the health and well-being of your family members. West Palm Beach

We all face many risks to our health as we go about our daily lives, breathing in dirty and contaminated air does not have to be one of them. Clean Quality Air is a local, West Palm Beach family-owned business specializing in air duct cleaning, returning the air quality inside your home to a healthy level for your family.

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Why Is The Air In Our West Palm Beach, Florida Homes So Dirty?

If you own a home in West Palm Beach, it likely has a heating and cooling system installed, most commonly known as an HVAC system. This system relies on a network of large ducts to push either heated or cooled air into every room in your house. Depending on the make and model of the HVAC system you own, you probably change its filters every month as they can become clogged with dust, dirt, pet dander, and other pollutants.

What you may not realize is that changing the filters on your HVAC system is only one piece of the puzzle of providing clean and healthy air for your family to breathe. The ducts that make up a large part of the HVAC system in your home also require cleaning, ideally yearly. Every time your HVAC system is turned on, it sucks in air containing dirt, dust, and other contaminants.

These contaminants stay inside the air ducts creating an ideal environment for the growth of mold, bacteria, fungi, and other harmful microbes. These harmful microbes, along with dust and dander, are then recirculated throughout your home every time you turn your system on. Living in the warm and humid environment of West Palm Beach, most HVAC systems are turned on year-round, resulting in unhealthy air circulating in your home every day

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What Are The Negative Health Effects Of Breathing Dirty Air?

What Are The Negative Health Effects Of Breathing Dirty Air? - West Palm Beach

Even among the most healthy of us, polluted air can cause difficulty breathing, flare-ups of allergies or asthma, and other lung problems. Constantly breathing in dirty air can also result in headaches, constant sneezing, and coughing as well as bronchial congestion. Long-term exposure to indoor air pollution can also increase the risk of serious diseases like heart disease and cancer.

The segments of the population most at risk for serious health problems related to dirty air are the very young, the very old, and those with underlying health problems. Not surprisingly, given the current state of the world and pandemic, the EPA now estimates that most Americans spend almost 90% of their time indoors, it is safe to say that indoor air pollution is a danger to everybody.

How Does Clean Quality Air Clean Air Ducts?

Clean Quality Air uses a high-tech duct cleaning system called the Roto Brushbeast System. This is the most advanced duct cleaning system on the market today, giving the best results and resulting in the cleanest air ducts possible.

The Roto Brushbeast employs powerful, rotating brushes to remove the build-up of dirt and dust from the inside of your air ducts and a powerful, four-motor vacuum to suck it out. Because the vacuum is running simultaneously with the brushes, none of the debris that is being removed is ever released into your home.

Once all of the dirt, dust, pet dander, hair, and other debris have been removed from the inside of your air ducts, Clean Quality Air disinfects the air ducts with strong, antimicrobial chemicals. These chemicals are drawn through the entire air duct system and circulated throughout your home continually eliminating allergens and other harmful microbes.

Once your air ducts are clean and sanitized, Clean Quality Air adds essential oils that will fill your house with a wonderfully fresh and clean smell. Our air duct cleaning service also includes thoroughly cleaning your air vent covers. These covers are designed not only to direct airflow but also to trap dust and other particles so they typically have a significant build-up that needs to be removed.

How Does Clean Quality Air Clean Air Ducts? - West Palm Beach

What Are The Advantages Of Clean Air Ducts?
Air Duct Cleaning Services in Port St Lucie - Clean Quality Air

The first and most important advantage of clean air ducts is the positive effect on the health and well-being of your family. Breathing clean, healthy air reduces the risks of allergy flare-ups, headaches, chronic coughing and sneezing, and other serious respiratory ailments. Maintaining clean air ducts in your home can also lower the cost of your utility bill. West Palm Beach

Particles of dust and dirt that get drawn into the HVAC system equipment can undermine the performance and efficiency of the system, resulting in elevated power usage. Build-ups of dust and dirt on HVAC system components can also lead to increased maintenance costs and expensive repairs.

Clean air ducts will keep your house smelling fresh and clean. Lingering, unpleasant odors in homes are often caused by the build-up of bacteria and other microbes in a home’s air ducts. Although smells can be temporarily masked by the use of scented candles and air fresheners, the only way to get rid of them completely is to ensure that your air ducts are cleaned on a regular basis.

Is Your West Palm Beach Family Ready To Breathe Clean Air?

When you are ready to have your air ducts cleaned and to provide clean, healthy air for your family to breathe, call the experts at Clean Quality Air. Our team is ready to take your call and book your appointment. You will receive a free, accurate estimate or simply the answers to any questions you may have about the services we provide.

We look forward to serving you and your West Palm Beach family soon.

Why Choose Clean Quality Air?

Having clean in-home air can make a huge difference in the quality of life for all residents within the home. It is our goal to provide each and every customer with the best quality of in-home air possible. We know the difference clean air can make and choosing Clean Quality Air allows us to help improve the lives of our neighbors, friends, and all residents within the city of Stuart.

We are an honest, local company with fast response times, top-of-the-line products and services, and competitive pricing. We have experience in HVAC that allows us to complete each job quickly and confidently. Air quality can be the difference in the health of your entire family. 

We are neighbors with the tools, knowledge, and skills to get the job done right!

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