Dryer Vent Cleaning Port St Lucie

We clean our house by mopping and sweeping because we want to live in a clean environment, but when you can’t see the dust and mildew in the air ducts, is the house really clean?
Vents, because they are intentionally hidden, tend to collect years of dust, hair, debris, and other bacteria. They also can be the cause for allergies and other breathing related problems. Don’t let old dirt build up in your system, get it cleaned just like you would your floors and appliances to keep your house tidy inside and out.
The benefits are worth every penny and fresh breath of air. Cleaning can help by:

  • Eliminating dust, pet hair/dander, bacteria, mold and any other hidden debris trapped in your vents
  • Air being pushed out is clean, not mixed with other nasty particles
  • Keeping vents and pipes clean, which allows the air system to push out air faster and with more force
  • Once vents are clean, it is easier for the entire A/C system to circulate air more freely
  • Less work for the cooling to take place and less money spent on a system running partially versus all day



Duct Cleaning:

$30/vent with a $240 minimum

Dryer Vent Cleaning:

$125 for a 1 Story and $175 for 2 Stories

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Port St Lucie Dryer Vent Cleaning

Maintain Air Vents and Ducts​ - Port St Lucie Dryer Vent Cleaning

Factors That Reduce In-Home Air Quality

Whether you suffer from allergies or are simply looking for ways to make your home more healthy for its occupants, air conditioning plays a key role in indoor air quality control. Living in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, we at Clean Quality Air are very aware of the dramatic seasonal high temperatures and humid weather to which Florida residents have grown accustomed. Many residents simply slip indoors during these intense temperatures without much thought as to how this habit may be affecting allergies and/or overall personal health.



Clean Quality Air has the tools and experience required to effectively and safely handle home and commercial disinfection for the coronavirus, COVID-19, using botanical environmentally-friendly, child and pet safe disinfectants. 

Air Duct Cleaning Port St Lucie

Take Advantage of the Benefits of Clean Air. Schedule an appoint to have an experienced Clean Air Quality technician deep clean your duct work as well as your air handler. You need a very conditioned HVAC system. Get rid of air quality problem and hire us. We only offer the best service.

We know what it’s like to maintain a clean house, and we respect your environment just like our own. You deserve the best air quality. Our technicians clean up after every job. The best Air Duct Cleaning Port St Lucie.
We don’t try to offer services that don’t fit your budget or your home. Our recommendations are intended for how you use your home. We also serve any surrounding area in Port St. Lucie.
We feel proud of our work and know that a clean home is always the best way to go. We hope you’ll enjoy it and give us a thumbs up. Refer us to anyone who would enjoy it too! Looking forward to your reviews!

Seeking Air Duct Cleaning in Boynton Beach

Did you know, if you do not change your air conditioning duct filters, most likely your AC unit is circulating bad air! If you were searching for Air Duct Cleaning and you have a business or residence in and around Boynton Beach, you have come to the right place! Jeff – the owner of Clean Quality Air – has been cleaning AC ducts for years. His attention to detail keeps him at a 5 Star review on Google! If you don’t need to read more, CALL NOW! If you want to learn more about air quality in Boynton Beach, read on.

Port St Lucie Dryer Vent Cleaning
The best tools are used in all of our purification maintenance plans. Our Roto Brushbeast is the best air duct cleaning system, built with maximum efficiency of four vacuum meters that give it a 90% increase in power. This means it will remove even the heaviest build up in your duct systems and leave your ducts clean once again.

We have specialized tools that do more than just clean.

Our B&G Fogger disinfects air ducts with the help of antimicrobial chemicals. It is drawn throughout the whole duct system from the return air vent. The circulation of air throughout the home becomes an efficient system by reducing allergens, dust, and debris.

We know most people will attempt to clean vent covers, but with all the wrong tools.
Vent covers serve a purpose besides allowing air to evenly disperse, they too help capture dust and other particles. Because they typically have build u

Did you know that the lint filter in your dryer doesn’t catch all of the lint?

The vents or piping catches the rest. We clean years worth of build up so the air circulating in the dryer and through the vent, isn’t constricted. This means air flow can be more efficient in the dryer, to dry clothes faster and better, and as it leaves to eliminate moisture in your clothes.

Musty and odors circulation throughout your house?

Once ducts are clean from dust, fungi or mildew, we incorporate Essential Oils, that are amazing and can have lots of benefits for your health. Your entire house will smell wonderful!


At Clean Quality Air we believe in maintaining a healthy environment so that people can breathe in clean air. We want to make a difference in the cleanliness of your air circulation system which includes ducts that are typically hidden and therefore missed when cleaning. Cleaning air ducts and ventilation systems to rid your area of dust, fungi, and mildew is maintenance that feels good when you can breathe at night. We know because, the families we serve notice how easier it is to breath after their ducts have been cleaned in comparison to their previous experiences when the air was heavier. This is our motivation, to have family’s enjoy an easier time breathing minus the cat’s hair.


Air Duct Cleaning West Palm Beach


Moving Company Marketing
Moving Company Marketing
Wonderful air duct cleaning service in West Palm Beach
BJ Koulapdara
BJ Koulapdara
The best in town! Jeff is very professional, Now I feel safe in my new home!
Rico White.
Rico White.
Did a great job. Left the place with cleaner air
Stefanie Brilliant
Stefanie Brilliant
Wes Osborn
Wes Osborn
Nice and clean and put back better than it was. Can't ask for more than that. Great job.
Sunny Hunt
Sunny Hunt
Robert Tobias
Robert Tobias
This is the second time we have used this company and we plan to use them again. Jeff is friendly, courteous, and does a fantastic job. He is very thorough as evidenced by the mounds of dirt and dog hair that he removed from the vents in a house we purchased. And he even offered me tips to improve my golf game. I recommend this company highly.
Excellent service, professional and knowledgeable!!
Howard Schulman
Howard Schulman
Jeff is great, courteous efficient and knows his job
Dagny Rissman
Dagny Rissman
Very friendly. Promptly on time. Job was done quick and professionally.


Air Duct Cleaning improves the air quality at your house or business. We are able to clean the entire HVAC system : Blower, Coil, Air Ducts, and Plenum Boxes. Cleaning the entire HVAC system improves the efficiency (more air flow and your system doesn’t have to work hard to reach the right temperature) and reduces dust and other contamination in the air.


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