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Air Duct Cleaning Port St. Lucie

Air ducts and vents remain hidden all the time because they are intentionally designed to escape human eyes. As a result of which, you always miss them out in matters of cleaning. Dust, prominent tufts of hair, dander (pet hair), debris, and microbes such as fungus, bacteria, and mold, hoard up and get collected inside them. They make the room musty because of the lack of fresh air.

Clean Quality Air excels in providing air duct cleaning Port St. Lucie services and drives a premium plan to maintain ventilation systems at the most affordable rates. Book with us online.

How Can We Help You?

We at Clean Quality Air send a well-experienced technician to your house to clean up the dryer ducts, return air vents and their covers, ducts of the AC units, and the air handlers lying in your garage.

An immaculate cleaning procedure will eliminate the chances of any dust, dander, or other air contaminants hidden in the vents. The air that comes out through these passages is now clean and not mixed with the allergy-inducing particles. Also, the neat and tidy vents enable the air to come out faster and with more force. The AC units function more efficiently and can easily circulate the air. In such an environment, it takes less load on the AC units to facilitate cooling. Your money gets safe, and you don’t have to worry about the frequent AC repairs. Request a free quote today and get the best air duct cleaning Port St. Lucie deals.

What Special Tools Do We Use?

Clean Quality Air is a local business operating in the areas of Port St. Lucie and around. We are dedicated to serving our customers in every possible way. We remain honest about the description of the equipment that we use.

Our Rotobrush Beast is the most effective air duct cleaning system. It is made up of four vacuum meters, which ensures a 90% increase in its power. Even the heaviest of debris build-up can be essentially removed. We also provide air purification services, wherein we use our B&G Fogger disinfectants. With the help of its antimicrobial chemicals, we counter the allergens and microbes.

The lint filter in your dryer doesn’t catch all of the fuzz and other fibers of yarn and fabric. The vents or the piping do pick up the rest. We work towards cleaning the dryer and vent, which prevents the constriction of air inside them. Once done, the air flows smoothly and helps in better drying the clothes. Schedule an appointment with us to improve indoor air quality.

We Put A Stop At The Growth Of Microbes

Besides maintaining the air ducts and pipes, we also pay special attention to reduce the humidity levels inside the house. Florida is known to have seasonal high temperatures and humid weather in summers. The residents give in to constant use of air conditioners. According to NCDHHS, “Many varieties of fungi and mold require a temperature range of 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit to grow.” Unfortunately, it is the same temperature range that is produced inside your house.

Having a well-kept air duct system will automatically cut down the humidity levels in the house. Humidity often condenses upon debris lying in the vents. Getting rid of the debris will further help in the process.

We also provide installation of UV lights in AC units, and the expenses may reach up to $100. Our company incorporates therapeutic grade essential oils into the ducts, which brings a fresh scent to the air and kills bacteria and other ailments. Call us at 772-834-9618 to get a free quote or book an appointment today.

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